Scotts Auto Repair provides a wide range of custom machine work. Here services that we provide:

Engine Blocks

engine.blockEngine Blocks - Boring * Honing * Torque Plate Honing * Align Boring * Resurfacing (Decking) * Sleeving * Crack Repair * Lifter Bore bushings * Main Saddle Repair * Roller Cam Bearing Installation

Blocks are thoroughly cleaned, magnafluxed, bored and then precision honed for optimum ring seal.

Deck surface and main bearing bores are inspected and machined to our specifications as needed to fit your needs.

New camshaft bearings and all freeze plugs are installed after final cleaning.

Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Heads -Serdi  Multi Angle Valve Jobs * Resurfacing * Crack Repair * Camshaft Align Boring * Pressure Testing* Modifications * Crack Repair (Aluminum)

All heads are thoroughly cleaned in our baking oven. After cleaning they are magnafluxed as requested.

Valve guides are replaced.

Deck surfaces are machined.

Valves are thoroughly inspected and reground. On certain applications all valves are replaced new.

Valve seats are three angle machined.

On Overhead Cam engines all cam saddles are thoroughly inspected and if necessary rebored

Valve springs are checked for proper pressure. All threaded holes are cleaned, checked, and repaired as necessary. Heads are assembled with premium quality valve seals. As a quality control procedure, once assembled all heads are vacuum tested to insure optimal valve sealing.

CNC Machine work performed on Rottler F85A

Crank Shafts

Crank Shafts - Regrinding * Polishing * Magnufluxing * Welding * Straightening *Balancing

All crankshafts are thoroughly cleaned and checked for proper straightness.

Main, rod journals and thrust surfaces are precision reground.

Oil holes are chamfered for maximum oil flow to the bearings.

Seal surfaces are inspected and sleeved as required.

Crankshafts are then polished to proper micro finish to insure optimal bearing longevity.

Balancing & Testing

Connecting Rods

connecting.rodConnecting Rods - * Reconditioning * Bushings * Magnufluxing

  • All connecting rods are thoroughly cleaned, checked for straightness, then resized on our honing machine. 
  • Connecting rod bolts are replaced when required and on all Marine applications. 
  • Thrust surfaces are belt sanded to insure proper finish. 
  • Small ends are accurately measured to insure proper press fit of piston pin. 
  • On free-floating applications, connecting rod bushings are replaced.

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